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Christian desk

Launch of Hineni's International Christian deskLaunch of Hineni's International Christian desk

Hineni’s Christian desk

  • A unique initiative in Israel
  • A Jewish organization that bridges to Christians
  • Emphasizes similarities rather than differences
  • Offers Christians the opportunity to experience Israel from within
  • Demonstrates how the Christian faith is intertwined with the Jewish faith, and its history
  • Provides insight into the Jewish people and its continuing struggle to survive
  • Suitable for a variety of backgrounds, denominations and interests


‘The heart of Israel’

Hineni’s Christian desk offers visitors the opportunity to experience Israel really from within. Therefore it organizes unique encounters with residents to understand the true heart of Israel and to experience the challenges they face in daily live.

Experience on Friday ancient customs, such as the welcoming of Sabbath at the Western (Wailing) Wall, with the option of a traditional Sabbath meal, including explanation. On Sabbath morning (Saturday) we also offer tours to various synagogues from different cultural backgrounds.

Jewish Holidays
Concerning the Jewish holidays, we explain the Biblical meaning and traditions and offer the opportunity to celebrate these feasts with us.

Every year Hineni organizes various commemorations. Similarly, Hineni’s annual Holocaust commemoration which can be followed in various languages, making it possible for foreign visitors to experience this impressive ceremony.

The Christian desk organizes several meetings and opportunities for dialogue, where visitors can ask questions and to discover facts to increase their general knowledge in a unique way. We arrange meetings with for example:

• Israelis and Palestinians
• Survivors of the Holocaust
• Survivors of terror
• Journalists
• Politicians
• Spiritual leaders
• Professors
• Students
• Etc.



During travels through Israel visitors generate a strong need for an overview and insight on various topics, such as history, theology, politics, media etc. Hineni meets these needs by offering various educational programs:

Historical overview
During this interactive program, participants receive a historical overview, which encourages to compare similarities and differences of past events to the present. Including various topics such as: anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, war, democracy, human rights, faith, mutual respect, etc.

Lachazor Lamakor – Return to the source
Here, participants are taken on a discovery through the Bible, showing how the Christian faith is intertwined with the Jewish faith and its history. Emphases are placed on the similarities rather than differences.

Depending on the purpose and length of stay in Israel, the Christian desk offers a wide range of topics, all approached from the source (the Bible). Some of the topics:

  • Israel
  • Jerusalem
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Hebrew calendar & Traditions
  • Jewish customs and symbols
  • Isaac and Ishmael
  • Anything you would like to ask a rabbi

Yeshivath Sharashim – Webeducation
A web-based educational venture to engage users — both Jewish and Christian seekers of G-d and His word — in a deepening understanding of the Hebrew Bible and religious classics. It does so through live, interactive video lectures probing directly the meaning of the original texts. One of its initial educational programs is an inspirational weekly webcast progressing serially through the Hebrew Bible. It is geared for an audience of both Jews and Gentiles striving to connect on a deeper plane to G-d’s first and foremost revelation to humanity — the Hebrew Bible. Besides webcast lectures, the website comprises archives of recorded audio and video lectures and related source sheets. For more information visit the website www.yeshivathsharashim.org.


The Christian desk organizes ongoing many programs worldwide, like:

  • workshops/courses
  • seminars
  • conferences/forums
  • guest speakers

For more information and other targeted programs please contact:
E-mail: christiandesk@annefrank.org.il
Website: www.hinenijerusalem.org
Tel: +972- (0) 2-6243407