Hineni [EN]

Hineni – Here I am – הנני

Culture and healing

Hineni regularly organizes sponsors, and hosts exhibitions, cultural events, musical performances, theatre and educational dramas. These events provide a context for Jews from different cultural backgrounds to meet. Most of these events have also an educational or therapeutic purpose for the betterment of society.

An example is the performance of Brundebar, an opera composed by Hanz Craza during World War II. During the war, the Nazis had a concentration camp developed solely for propaganda – to hide the realities of what was taking place in the other camps. This concentration camp, Theresienstadt, was created to prove to the world that the Nazis were running the concentration camps in a humane manner. Children were made to perform Brundebar for guests to the camp. Today, Hineni Jerusalem in conjunction with the Children’s Opera, performed the very same opera to commemorate the Jewish children of the past and to bear testimony that the Jewish people are very much alive. Proceeds of these performances are used to run summer camps at Hineni for the children of addicts. The child actors were given the chance to meet with real survivors from the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Educational Drama

Hineni Jerusalem has used educational drama to confront difficult issues. Where a performance is acted out, for example, portraying the relationship between a mother and her drug-addict son. This drama successfully exposes many of the complex issues facing both parents and adolescents confronted by such situations. Following the performance, members of the audience engage in an emotional discussion focusing on the issues presented by the play. Trained professionals in the field of drug and alcohol therapy facilitate the discussion. These performances help to create a profound level of understanding between parents and adolescents regarding the social-challenges of drugs and alcohol

Special Exhibitions

Hineni Jerusalem also organized and hosted a variety of exhibitions for education and the bettering of society. These included those in conjunction with the Jerusalem Organization for the Battle against Drugs, entitled “Paintings from Life”. The exhibition consisted of paintings painted by ex-drug addicts, reflecting their emotions. The paintings gave the general public a better understanding of the feelings, suffering and struggle these addicts face on the road to a better life.

Another exhibit included artwork painted by Ethiopian teenagers expressing their feelings regarding their Aliya process this as a means to create awareness and raise funds for Ethiopian immigrant children living in the caravan camps.

Hineni is now very pleased to exclusively offer a home in Jerusalem to the educational exhibition Anne Frank a History for Today.