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Hineni – Here I am – הנני

Hineni Orchestra

Concert of Hineni Orchestra in 2010 in the NetherlandsConcert of Hineni Orchestra in 2010 in the Netherlands

Hineni regularly host concerts to bring people together and offer them a break from the tension and hardship of life that many confront in Israel.

There is now a Symphony Orchestra formed especially for Hineni Jerusalem.

The Hineni Symphony Orchestra is an initiative of Christian musicians in support of Hineni. Its manager is Herman Drost, and the conductor is Lubertus Leutscher. The orchestra is comprised of many professional musicians, conservatorium students, and talented amateurs, who play voluntarily to comfort the Jewish people and to support Israel. This is accomplished through cooperation with, and to the benefit of, Hineni Jerusalem which lends its name to the Orchestra.

The Orchestra’s first performance was a great success and brought together over 1400 Christians and Jews in support of Survivors of terror. Although the performance was organized as a one time event, its success inspired the musicians and all involved to continue. As a result this one time initiative has grown into a full-fledged Symphony Orchestra of about 75 musicians who all have two things in common – their love of music and their love for Israel. The Orchestra’s repertoire consists of both classical and contemporary music themes from films, and folk music related to Israel and Jewish tradition.

Thanks to the support of the Dutch Christians for Israel, concerts were made possible in the Concert Hall of Amsterdam, events Hall De Doelen in Rotterdam, and a solidarity tour through Israel with a concert in the Jerusalem Theatre as its highpoint.

A DVD of this special has been produced. For more information about the Hineni Symphony Orchestra visit the web site: http://www.hineni-orchestra.org